Used Has Never Looked So New

In the market for a used car? Visit Mark’s Southern Autos

Are you ready to trade in your current vehicle? Don’t overpay for a new car just because it’s never been owned before. Visit Mark’s Southern Autos, a local used car dealership. We carry a variety of makes, models and types, including:

  • Pickup trucks
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Domestic cars
  • Foreign cars

Call us today or stop by our location in Skowhegan to browse our inventory.

3 reasons to buy a used car instead of a new one


  1. You’ll get your money’s worth. Most new cars will lose a good portion of their value immediately after being driven off the lot. That’s because simply having a “new” car makes it more valuable—just because you’re the first owner.
  2. You’ll save on insurance costs. New cars costs more to insure because they’re more valuable. Reduce your insurance bill by opting for a used car from Mark’s Southern Autos instead. Stop by to see what we’ve got on the lot.
  3. Used car buying isn’t unsafe anymore. There was a time when buying a used car felt like stepping into someone else’s problems. In the digital age, that doesn’t have to be the case. Vehicle history reports are available online so you can make a transparent decision.

Visit Mark’s Southern Autos and drive off on a new set of wheels

There’s never been a better time to buy a used car. You can trust our responsible salespeople to find the perfect car for your budget and needs. Our business’s reputation depends on your satisfaction, so we won’t overcharge you or put you in a vehicle that you don’t love!

Drive off the lot in a brand new used car. Well, it’s brand new to you at least. Call Mark’s Southern Autos today at 207-612-5188 to see what we’ve got on the lot.

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